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January 16 Librarian’s Lines

January Librarian’s Lines

Dr. Linda LeBert-Corbello



What a great way to begin a new year!  We are having some clear brisk days filled with plenty of sunshine.  It certainly makes life seem brighter, doesn’t it?  Although, I must say, the rainy days do provide for great indoor reading time while enjoying hot chocolate.  Yet, for all book lovers reading time is anytime.


The State Library of Louisiana has informed us of a webinar for parents that will be available on Tuesday, January 19th at 7 PM Central Standard Time.  The webinar will introduce Credo Literati, a database that can be found on our website.  Parents will be introduced to types of materials available to parents in assisting their children with appropriate content for research (ages 9-17).


Jefferson Davis Parish Library patrons can access Liberati by going to our website.   Patrons can then look toward the right under Louisiana Statewide Databases and then scroll down the alphabetical listings to Literati.  The ad posted by the State Library of Louisiana as provided by Credo Literati reads:


“Parents:  Your public library offers online databases that present an alternative to conducting research on the open web.  Join us for a 45 minute online tour of your public library’s Credo Reference e-book collection! See the best reference e-books to help your student with their studies.  We’ll highlight content appropriate for ages 9 through 17-all fully accessible from home with a library card.”


To register visit the site below:

I encourage all to participate in this free webinar.  If forty-five minutes of your time increases your knowledge base to aid parents in working with children & their research, what a powerful way to spend 45 minutes.

Our R & R classes scheduled at Jennings Headquarters include:

January 21-Floral Presentation by Julie

February 11-Budgeting Basics

March 17-Safety and Usage of Essential Oils

April 14-Homemade Soaps with Kay

May12-Downloading Books to your Kindle

June 9-Make Your Own July Wreath


To register please contact Ms. Iris Holland at 824-1210.  Classes begin at 5:30 PM.



Branch libraries FYI Classes are scheduled as follows:

Welsh-January 14, 2016-Adult Craft Time:  Drink Coaster Craft

Elton-January 19, 2016-Kick Starting the New Year:  Health Tips & Fun

Lake Arthur-February 4, 2016-Making Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards with Cheryl Ogea

To register call the library sponsoring the class:  Welsh  734-3262,  Elton  584-2640 and Lake Arthur  774-3661.

For the past thirteen years the Jefferson Davis Parish Library Board of Trustees & the Police Jury has focused its visionary efforts in many areas.   In 2006 new library buildings were opened in Elton and Lake Arthur.  In 2010 the McBurney Memorial Library in Welsh was renovated.  In 2011 a new Mobile Branch was purchased to satisfy a need for library services in the rural areas.   In 2014 the first floor of the historic Jennings Headquarters was renovated.  In 2016 the second story of the Jennings Headquarters will be renovated.


All building projects completed were the result of thorough planning and diligent budgeting.    The buildings, the library materials, and the furnishings have been provided to increase the services and the effectiveness of the library system.   The Jefferson Davis Board of Trustees and the Jefferson Davis Police Jury have been truly amazing in their vision of the best library services possible for the people of this parish.   If you see your police jurors or your library board members, stop and tell them thank you for their vision, patience in planning, and dedication!






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