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2020: A Recap

At this time of year I’m usually excited about looking back on the year’s accomplishments and challenges. This year, I’d rather just not think about it and skip right to 2021. But that would be doing us an injustice, because this year was one for the record books and shouldn’t be overlooked. So here are

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Library Receives FINRA Investor Education Grant

Jeff Davis Parish Library Receives FINRA Investor Education Foundation Grant to Expand Personal Finance Collections to Aid Consumers Following Hurricane Laura.  JENNINGS — The Jeff Davis Parish Library today announced plans to expand its personal finance collections following receipt of a grant from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation (FINRA Foundation).  The additional tools and resources will help ensure that residents have the information they need when making critical money decisions as they repair, rebuild, and recover following Hurricanes Laura and Delta.  

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Growing Pains

No doubt about it, this summer has NOT been normal. Who could have foreseen a summer reading program that was entirely virtual? A June without summer camps or VBS. Bookmobile visits cancelled and outreach to nursing homes put on hold. But despite the challenges, we managed to host some amazing talent and provide fun take-home

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April 2020

Resiliency is something we know well here in Jeff Davis Parish.  With many of our workforce in oil-related jobs and agriculture, we are used to cyclical highs and lows.  We have become accustomed to hurricanes and floods wreaking havoc on our lives every few years.  Resiliency is something rooted deep in our ancestry, back to the original people who

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2019: A Recap

Sometimes a lot of the work we do is behind the scenes and might go unnoticed.  Such was the case for us in 2019, which was a very busy year for the Jeff Davis Parish Library.  So I thought I’d spend this last month to reflect on what kept your library bees so busy in

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October 2019

We all need legal help at some point in our lives, whether it’s for a will, custody case, divorce, or help understanding our rights.  While librarians may not be the ones who can offer that assistance, we CAN help you locate the best legal resources.  We can also provide free legal forms and programs that allow you to spend time

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