Jefferson Davis Parish Public Library

July 2019

As we reach the “Dog Days of Summer,” I thought it would be helpful to suggest some book titles that your children might enjoy.  These books are all about summer and can be requested from any of our Jefferson Davis Parish Libraries. LITTLE ONES:  F is for Fireflies / by Kathy-jo Wargin  Presents rhyming sentences for

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June 2019

“It takes a village to raise a child” — African proverb  Every year, Jeff Davis Parish Library offers a Summer Reading Program that is top-notch and only possible through the support of others.  This summer, our village of supporters has expanded and we are able to offer more programs and more incentives for reading.  For this month’s Library

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May 2019

Summer Reading Program There are typically two camps of librarians when May comes around:  those who are ecstatic about the upcoming Summer Reading Program and those who are inwardly repeating their mantra of “it’s only for two months, it’s only for two months.”  I fall somewhere in the middle, eager to see the kids while

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April 2019

LIBRARIES = STRONG COMMUNITIES  This is the theme for National Library Week 2019, and what a true statement it is!  The libraries in this community (city/parish/school) are fighting daily battles for their patrons and students, waging war against poverty, addiction, abuse and neglect, loneliness, misinformation, illiteracy in all its forms, and so much more.  These

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March 2019

This post is either going to land me on the hate list of all book lovers, or it will totally resonate with them. Either way, I must unburden my feelings. I have kept my silence far too long. WHAT IF BOOKS ARE BAD FOR US? There. I said it. Now let me explain myself…

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February 2019

“I’m a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal.  Tryin’ to reach my goal, my power of speech.”  Someone recently asked me why I love the musical Hamilton so much, and my answer was simple: because it captures the heart of America. While thinking more about that, I realize there’s a lot more to it than

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