Jefferson Davis Parish Public Library

April 2019


This is the theme for National Library Week 2019, and what a true statement it is!  The libraries in this community (city/parish/school) are fighting daily battles for their patrons and students, waging war against poverty, addiction, abuse and neglect, loneliness, misinformation, illiteracy in all its forms, and so much more.  These are often done so on a one-to-one basis, so the services we provide usually go unnoticed.  National Library Week occurs every year in April and it is a time when libraries across America promote the value that we provide.  The theme this year, Libraries = Strong Communities, is part of a larger Libraries Transform initiative which developed the following statements: 

If you are already aware that your local libraries play these roles, then that’s wonderful!  For those unaware of what we do, I encourage you to visit your closest library or talk to a librarian.  Find out how passionate we are about developing a stronger community, where people feel safe and envision a wonderful future.
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