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May 2016 Librarian’s Lines

Librarian’s Lines

Dr. Linda LeBert-Corbello

May 2016


A recent quote I found regarding butterflies reminds me about life’s moments:  “The butterfly counts not months but moments and has time enough.”  (RabindranathTagore)  Mr. Tagore received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913 “ because of his profoundly sensitive, fresh and beautiful verse, by which, with consummate skill, he has made his poetic thought, expressed in his own English words, a part of the literature of the West”.


I am continuously amazed at the many gifts of wisdom from writers from our distant past.  This quote speaks volumes to me.  We seem to live in a state of constant rush!  We meet friends and everyone states that the days, months, and years are flying by.  Our jobs, families and our participation in organizations, church functions and other varied activities fill our days to overflowing.    What is important?  I understand my priorities and most people do too… but how do we stop the mad rush?


I think that the reason I am moved by this quote is that I really like the idea that moments are what counts.  Do you ever stop during a day when you do see a long-lost friend and stop to think how special that moment is….or do you ever see a sunrise, sunset or a lovely spring day and think of how very beautiful our world is or have you ever traveled to another locale and noticed every facet of its uniqueness?  If you have, you are among those who know that this moment is “time enough.”   


In my daily work, I am more than fortunate to have moments that are time enough.   Having spent over thirty years in the field of education prior to coming to Jennings to serve as Director of Jefferson Davis Parish Library, I have come to realize that there were so many moments that gave me time enough to learn, grow and experience the best of the people and situations in which I worked.


Speaking about moments and time enough, I cannot underestimate the enjoyment we have had during these past thirteen years as we have worked at building and renovating the facilities that comprise our library system.  We are still working diligently to complete all the projects necessary to facilitate effective organization and use of our libraries.


We are now undergoing the renovation of the second floor of the Jennings Headquarters Library.   It was a purposeful decision of the Library Board of Trustees to first make sure all outlying  libraries were completely rebuilt or renovated before undergoing the renovations of our 1914 historic building.   I can express to you that every moment is definitely and joyfully ‘time enough.’  As I see walls and floors stripped down to original work, I am excited.  When I notice the intelligence and skill that architects exhibit as they redesign and reverence the historic presence of this building, I am impressed.  The whole process is giving me moments that are time enough…time enough to enjoy the process and time enough to appreciate every detail.  We look with anticipation to the day when our patrons can see the efforts not just at beautification but at preservation of an historic building that will live longer than any of us to serve future generations of patrons!


Speaking of moments that will be ‘time enough.’ Summer Reading programs are planned and will begin in June.  Four thousand brochures are being delivered to all schools to insure that parents and children are aware of the many guest artists and librarians that have planned interesting and entertaining programs.  The brochure lists all programs at all venues.   We discovered last year that parents enjoy traveling to various libraries as the programs may differ from one library to the next.   Area newspapers will be keeping you abreast of our activities and always provide excellent coverage of our events.   We publicly thank the Jennings Daily News and the Lake Charles American Press for devoting an interest to the many moments that we use to provide ‘time enough’ to enjoy entertainment, absorb new ideas and simply participate in community activities that are free to all.


Enjoy your summer and find the moments that are ‘time enough.’  Teach your children to appreciate moments that are time enough.’






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