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November 2016 Librarians Lines

NOVEMBER LIBRARIAN’S LINES DR LINDA LEBERT-CORBELLO We are earnest at our efforts to get the newest Delicious Christmas cookbook to the public for the holiday season. Delicious Christmas has certainly added to the holiday season for many people as this special book has been offered for over thirty years as a free service to the public. Rhoda Marsh began typing the cookbook in her early years of being an employee for Jefferson Davis Parish Library. As many of you know by now, Rhoda Marsh passed away November 4, 2016. She was one of the most conscientious employees I have ever known. She came to work for the library system when she was a mere eighteen years of age. Over the thirty three years she worked for the library system, she managed to learn every facet of library work. When I was hired for the job as Director of Libraries, it was Rhoda Marsh who had the task of teaching me how things were accomplished in the Jefferson Davis Parish Library System. She was thorough! Although she was a cancer survivor and continued with health problems, she never felt sorry for herself. She would come to work and just plod away on whatever tasks that needed to be completed. She once had two bad ankles and actually wanted to work so badly that she rode our dumbwaiter to the second floor just to get to her desk to do her work. That is real dedication! And bravery…it is dark in there! Even after she retired, after the appropriate waiting period, she returned to work for us on a part-time basis. Her work continued to be impeccable. She taught all of us how to have courage and how to be of good faith. Our Board of Trustees President, Janice Esthay, suggested the idea that we continue with the Delicious Christmas cookbook, but this year the book will be a compilation of “All Things Rhoda.” Ms. Esthay has been going through all the back issues of Delicious Christmas to find Rhoda Marsh’s recipes. I think Ms. Rhoda would be more than thrilled to know of the special effort to remember her at this time. Christmas was a special time to her. Each year she looked forward to the day after Thanksgiving to listen to Christmas music throughout the day. Ms. Rhoda was a fantastic cook, an untiring employee and a very good friend to all. As an administrator, I can vouch for her loyalty to all of us. Her loyalty is an attribute that was important to me and to all our employees. “All Things Rhoda” is a gesture of remembrance of a big-hearted person who worked tirelessly to fulfill her job responsibilities while always helping others. She would be pleased to know of this endeavor on her behalf. Please enjoy your free copy of the cookbook this year as well as enjoying Ms. Rhoda’s tasty treats and a memory of a rare individual who enriched the lives of all she met. They will be ready for distribution by December 8, 2016. We welcome Elliot Cassidy and Marsha Pfeiffer as new Jefferson Davis Board of Control members. Both come to the board with a background rich in experiences in the legal profession. Their knowledge and willingness to serve is greatly appreciated. I will be updating you on their backgrounds and fields of expertise in my next Librarian’s Lines. New books are continually filling the shelves of libraries throughout the parish. Patrons are welcome to give suggestions to employee personnel for audios, books and e-books & materials. Hoping all enjoy a great holiday season. Hold onto special friends and family and make sweet memories!

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